Attending the Sattva Soul retreat in Bali was life-changing. I learned valuable tools to make the best of every situation life presents me with and valuable insight into how to better my work and personal relationships. All the while enjoying a relaxing week of yoga, massages, meditation, and homemade vegan food in a beautiful villa with likeminded women.

I have attended at least a dozen wellness retreats and this was the most beneficial to my everyday life and helping me reach my personal and professional goals. 
— Review by Ottocina Ryan from America.
The retreat was life changing. Set in a beautiful location, instantly creating a safe environment to be open to new experiences, including an incredible vegan menu, allowing the body to cleanse and re-set.

Celine created an itinerary with the perfect mix of calm and adventure, with all focus on well-being and renew.

Her empathy and connection with the group were second to none and instrumental in bringing together women of different cultures and backgrounds who have become friends for life.

A powerful journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, I have left with tools to ensure I will always be the best version of me.
— Review by Audrey Hill from New Zealand.
Amazing experience in a very exclusive, luxury and quiet villa where I felt very cozy and warmly welcomed by Celine from the very first moment I entered the place. I really enjoyed the highly professional and also individual meditation and yoga sessions, and even a free private one upon request! It was a perfect combination between guided time, spare time for reading, chilling, massages etc., sightseeing, meditations and new experiences like sound bowl healing or visiting temples and just spending time with lovely people far away from the daily sorrows at home.

Thanks to a lovely lady cook we have been spoiled with yummy vegan food all week where every meal was completely different and then we also got to experience an amazing cooking class showing us local Indonesian and vegan food, which was just delicious.  

I am looking forward to coming back soon. Thank you, Celine, for all your wholehearted care and this magical week!
— Review by Viviane Howald from Switzerland.
Celine’s retreat was one of the most incredible experiences - one that I will never forget. We were provided with the time and space to unwind and relax in a beautiful setting, whilst being introduced to meditation and yoga - to help move “inwards” (something I always struggled with in my day to day.)

I am truly grateful for my time, and cannot recommend this retreat enough to other women - searching for a place to be able to breathe - and find some peace from the often-crazy “stuff” life throws your way.

So much love to Celine and her crew for showing me so much kindness and nurture throughout the retreat - I am forever changed by my brief time with Sattva Soul Retreats, and would do it again in a heartbeat!
— Review by Shannon Wall from Australia.
My retreat with Sattva Soul was a wonderful journey! In six days I learned, discovered and experienced amazing things. I will always remember those wonderful moments and more importantly, I got tools and advice that will serve me for the rest of my life.

If you are looking for a time to reconnect with yourself and/or light up some points of your life go for it!

Thank you very much, Celine, for your involvement, love and light!
— Review by Floraine Gamiette from France.