Balance is key


By Celine Wallace

Wellness Expert and Founder of Sattva Soul Retreats

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There’s a famous saying that ‘balance is key’ so it’s interesting that it seems to be a common theme left out of many health and wellness concepts these days. Everything is about staying abreast of the latest wellness trend, which is aimed at you achieving your optimal health, but what if keeping up with the Jones’s of wellness is leading you into a vicious cycle from one fad to the next? From the latest super foods, to sleep apps, vegan pet food, organic active wear, vegan home décor and the newest analog non-wifi holiday destinations, there’s always something that is popping up to make sure we are investing our time and money. How are we switching off if we are going from one quick fix to the next that continuously plug us in? It’s true we live in a generation where everything is accessible at all times, so people find it hard to take time for self-care and make them unavailable. Companies are making the most of this, promising with a small financial and time investment; they can help us achieve health and freedom within our lives. The truth is how can we achieve balance if we are swinging from one end of the scale to the other? We work too much and feel bad. Then think were not investing enough in “life,” so we head to the gym or take a vacation to try and get that balance back. Then once we come back from that vacation, we’ve got a hundred emails waiting and then we go back to putting some energy in the “work” side, so work-life balance becomes nothing more than tug-of-war for our time and energy. 

Over the years of teaching my clients and my own personal journey I have found that it’s great to research these trends, but all of this is null and void if we are not listening to ourselves. Every body is different and many of these trends do amazing things for some people, but nothing for others. We all have a different chemical make up, but the same make up we do have is that if we are stressed, tired or overworked, then it doesn’t matter how many green smoothies we replace a coffee with in the morning, we will still be living in a state of fatigue and ultimately our health will suffer. You can be intermittent fasting, doing a baking soda therapy cleanse, do yoga every morning and mediate, but if you are working too much or not devoting enough time to your personal life then the brain and peripheral, endocrine, and immune systems, and basically, all the organs in the body have emotional responses to that. Your brain and body integration has a chemical language that is constantly communicating with one another which will try to get your attention and that is usually via creating a health issue. 

So, how do we find health if it’s not a quick fix at the latest Wholefoods store? Sure, we can aid our health through products and trends, but we need to find the “middle way” in our own lives. It is the art of finding balance.If finding a balance between work/life alignment is a struggle for you, which it is for most people, consider if there are a few small improvements you could make by aiming for a little bit at a time – we are aiming for balance after all. If work has been encroaching on family time, could you try leaving work on time two nights a week to have dinner with your family? Alternatively, if you feel your career has stalled a bit because of family time, could you try staying late at work one or two nights per week to get more hours in and move forward on a few important projects?

If you feel like you’re in a bit of a grey area when it comes to this, don’t worry, it’s not always easy to detect when things shift and one area of your life starts to take over to the detriment of others. It starts out subtle, but it leads you down a slippery slope. Over the next few days you can observe your work and personal habits to see what areas create stress or anxiety for you, to then make any necessary adjustments. If you find stress is influencing your quality of life on a consistent basis, it is definitely time to rethink your habits.Exercising, switching off, and being more mindful of what you eat can definitely create more energy and counteract your stress mechanisms but it doesn’t deal with the root cause of the problem. If there is an issue with your work or in your personal life, instead of coping with it day-to-day, try to make some small changes or give yourself the best support you can to remove yourself from that situation so your wellbeing doesn’t suffer long-term. Sometime it’s helpful to sit down quietly and write down goals for the future, so you can then become clear on what you want in your life and then use that as a catalyst for creating your desired future. 

Ultimately, balance is about understanding and staying true to ourselves. We all want meaning, authenticity and wisdom in our lives so make sure you are creating a future that supports that. Then effort comes in the form of harmony, integration and alignment to direct all of your energy toward creating a meaningful life.You can then aid to supplement that mentally, physically and spiritually rewarding life, by adding in health trends with thousands of smoothies, fabulous vegan designer chairs and all of the super foods available throughout your local health food store! 

Celine Wallace